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Personal Shopping

Welcome to the epitome of convenience and relaxation! Take the stress out of your vacation prep with our personalised shopping service.


Picture this: arriving at your holiday haven to find your fridge stocked to perfection and your cupboards brimming with all your favourite treats. Simply let us know your preferences, and we'll handle the rest. From selecting the freshest produce to stocking up on pantry essentials, consider it done. And the best part? No need to lift a finger upon arrival – we'll ensure every item is neatly unpacked, leaving you free to unwind and embrace every moment of your well-deserved getaway. Let us turn your holiday dreams into reality – because you deserve nothing less!


The access to or use of the Personal Shopping Service, provided by Luxury Coastal Escapes and is subjected to the terms and conditions set out herein including (but not limiting) to any variation that may be made from time to time.

1. The shopping service charge will be at a set service charge and will be quoted to you the ‘Guests’, on request of the service.


2. The service is a convenience service provided for its Guests to enable them to make use of our Personal Shopper to shop products that are available from the local Woolworths, Checkers, Spar, Pick’n Pay, Food Lovers Market or any other local store available in Ballito or surrounding areas, with the value of such products in mind.


3. The shopping list can be send via email, document spreadsheet, WhatsApp, or by sharing your products list from the specific store’s shopping list. The Guest is required to state their requirements, and specifications in a shopping list to the Personal Shopper regarding the products that they wish to purchase. All queries must be short, clear and concise with substitution options. The shopping list also needs to indicate and specify the quantity, size and brand name if possible.


4. Our Personal Shopper will shop specific brand names e.g. Parmalat, Simba, All Gold, Bovril, Weetbix, Knorr etc. from any store available. Our Personal Shopper will substitute to a similar product or brand name of similar value, if your requested product was out of stock, unless stated otherwise. More specific products from Woolworths also needs to specified in detail.


5. Our Personal Shoppers will need a shopping list at least five days prior to desired date (date of guest arrival). For any last minute shopping requests (less than 5 days) we will shop from any other local store available in Ballito or surrounding areas where the products will be available to our discretion on such last minute shops, and will make substitutions where needed. If no substations were given by the Guest, then our Personal Shopper will use his/her initiative to replace the required product with something similar.


6. Our Personal Shopper will shop (physical/online), deliver and unpack all products and groceries in the home. By the personal shoppers own discretion, the items will be place in the most suitable designated locations, e.g. meat will be in the freezer (unless otherwise requested and will also depend on space in the fridge), dairy products, salads and other condiments will be in the fridge. Eggs, some fruit and veg outside or in the food cupboard. All will be depending on the limitations of the space provided, however, we will find the best and most suited place for your groceries.


7. Your verbal agreement will be by sending the shopping list, and you then agree and accept terms of the service as set out on the terms and conditions of the service on this page.


8. Receipts and proof of all purchases will be send to the Guests for payment. The service fee will be charged on your final invoice. EFT payment can be made to the account details on the invoice or should your purchases be less than a holding/breakage deposit, we can deduct the shopping from your holding/breakage deposit (if any). Should your purchases be more than your holding deposit, we will require payment before departure. Airbnb Guests will need to make full payment for the shopping during your stay and send us proof of payment before departure.

9. We are pleased to offer our guests the option to utilise their preferred online shopping platforms and pay for their selections using their personal payment methods. However, it's important to note that should guests opt for this approach while still requiring the assistance of our personal shopper to procure, deliver and unpack the items to their holiday home, a service charge will apply. This charge encompasses the time, fuel, and dedication involved in providing this personalised service.

Guest amenities and exclusions

The following will be supplied and included in the holiday rental to ensure your arrival is comfortable: Toilet paper, sunlight liquid, dishwasher tablets, refuse bags and basic cleaning equipment will be supplied during your stay, however, we do ask that guests supply their own washing powder and fabric softener for personal items. Our self-catering homes come fully equipped with essential amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient. While we don't provide daily supplies of braai spice, salt & pepper, sugar, tea, coffee, and milk to accommodate individual preferences. Please note that personal care items like body wash and sunscreen are not included, allowing guests the freedom to use their preferred products during their stay.

Specific dietary requirement

Should your diet be specific with food allergies, intolerances or specific dietary requirements such as lactose or dairy free, fish and shellfish allergies or gluten free, this will be need to specified as well, and if substitutions are allowed, same with special dietary requirements such as vegan or pregnancy. If not specified, then we will use our own desecration and replace the product that is out of stock with something similar from whichever store we find available, regardless of the brand name. We cannot take guarantee that e.g; organic, free range, full cream or low fat replacements will be available, then we will substitute with similar product not related to dietary specifics.

Should you need our Personal Shopper to shop for only Halal or Kosher specific dietary food, this needs to be specified in advance. Some foods are labeled as certified kosher or certified halal, which means that they adhere to the rules set by each diet, and you will need to specify from which shop this will be available to purchase from.


Substitutions and surcharges

If our Personal Shopper has to go from e.g. one Woolworths to another Woolworths to only purchase Woolworths products then a surcharge will apply. Shopping from more than one store in person a surcharge will also apply.

If substitutions were made and you are not satisfied by the choice of our Personal Shopper, he/she shall not in any case be liable for any substitute replacements or incorrect purchases and cannot take responsibility for the unwanted products.


Additional costs and charges

Our Personal Shopper will use a Company Card for payments and the Guests will be liable and charged an administrative fee for each card transaction or bank charges. The use of the Service could attract other administrative charges, or other fees that may be payable to and collected by a third party e.g. shopping bags, parking, tollgate, delivery service charges, etc. All such charges and fees shall be borne fully by the Guest.


Damages, refund and exchange

Our Personal Shopper shall not in any case be liable for any damage or incorrect purchases (especially when substitutions were made) or for any defect in any item, whether or not known to us at any time before delivery to you or unpacking;

The hazardous, fragile or brittle nature or the mechanical derangement of any item or product in the shop;

Items made from glass or fragile items whether packaged correctly or not - we will not accept liability for contents of said glass containers no matter the declaration, value or content.

Exchange and Refund policy is applicable to the respective stores from which the Guests’ purchases were made under the respective stores terms and conditions. Guests shall directly contact the respective stores on any queries pertaining to refund and exchange of items or products if the value of goods discovered to be damaged, expired, missing or unwanted.

Resolution of issues and disputes

Any issues or disputes arising from or in connection with any part of the Service shall be resolved and decided upon by the Management. Any such resolution or decision by the Management shall be final, binding and conclusive upon the person who accesses or uses the Service and/or any person claiming through or under such person or whom may be affected by such issues, disputes, resolution or decision. The person who uses the Shopping Service shall indemnify and hold harmless the Shops and the Management from and against all consequences whatsoever

arising in connection with the use of the Service.

We reserve the right to refuse service, or remove or edit content if you are in breach of applicable laws, these Conditions or any other applicable terms and conditions, guidelines or policies. The Service is provided at our sole discretion and may be terminated by us at any time.

Guest Feedback

stayed in Sheffield Beach

I just want to say thank you so much, it’s like you read my mind and the food in the fridge and cuboard are absolutely perfect. Thanks for making the start our our holiday super easy.

stayed in Zinkwazi Beach

You are the best. Thank you for everything. The groceries saved me from driving an hour daily to go and buy food, I have spent more time cooking this holiday than on the beach.
This was by far the best beach house we have ever stayed in coupled with all the awesome food and treats it felt like living in a 5 star luxury hotel. Thank you for making it possible.

stayed in Westbrook Beach

You are a legend for finding all the replacements during the peak season and sourcing all the vegan products. Thanks for all your efforts. It was so nice to just arrive and have a cold beer.

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