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As part of our commitment to making your stay truly unforgettable, we're thrilled to introduce a range of additional self services that you can now book at your convenience. From enriching local experiences to family-friendly activities, we've curated a selection of offerings to enhance every moment of your stay.

Beyond the comfort of our luxurious homes, there's a variety of private amenities waiting for you and your family. Discover local cuisine and book a private chef, explore private yoga sessions, or book a mobile mani & pedi - the choice is yours




​Stay at home Services

Private Chef

Bespoke Private Chef Service


Chef Ciara brings the experience to you with top quality dining in the comfort of your own home. Laid-back family style or multiple course fine dining plated meals, we have you covered. Drop off heat & eat "Meals Made Easy" with tailor made menus to suite your preferences and dietary requirements. or  Instagram 


Phone/WhatsApp: +27648351066

Mobile Spa Therapist

Make the holiday extra special by booking a pampering session at the holiday home.


Mobile therapeutic treatments to your door.
Nicole offeres massages, mani and pedis, facials and waxing

WhatsApp Nicole on +27730916759

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes at the comfort of your holiday home.


Get a luxury, healing yoga Vinyasa Yoga or YIN experience with Lou that will create a personalised class to match your needs. Beginners to advanced welcome.

Follow on Instagram or

WhatsApp Lou on +27764132087

Personal Shopping

As an additional service we offer to shop, deliver and unpack your groceries for you, before your arrival. Read More...

Our dedicated shopping service is designed to make your vacation as stress-free as possible.

Phone/WhatsApp: +27726279181


Kindly be advised that the above services might offer limited slots available during peak season and will need to be booked in advance of your stay.

Our Beaches

With Ballito’s lifeguards stationed at numerous beaches, it strives to create an environment where every beachgoer can relax and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings without worrying about safety.

Ballito’s two Blue Flag Beaches, Willard Beach and Thompson’s Bay, are exceptionally safe with NSRI’s Pink Rescue Buoys and dedicated lifeguards diligently watching over the shores, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

The Ballito Boardwalk

Boardwalks are always fun to stroll along and, with this one, not only can you enjoy a long walk but you can also hike to Salt Rock, which offers amazing views. (Though it’s best to traverse the tunnel along the route at low tide!)

Bring some binoculars and a camera with to best soak up this cool coastline.

If you’re lucky (and the season is right), you may even sight a pod of dolphins, huge humpback or even a Southern Right whale.

Clarke Bay Beach

A mere 15 minutes from Ballito’s main beach, Willards Bay, one can find Clarke Bay beach.

This quieter beach is protected by both lifeguards and shark nets, and it offers a lovely tidal pool, where you can show the kids natural sea life – though please don’t disturb or hurt these intriguing sea creatures.

After a day at the beach, enjoy a meal at any of Ballito’s many restaurants.

Thompsons Beach

Tucked between Ballito and Chakas Rock (along Ocean Drive), this sheltered cove makes for an ideal swimming and/or angling beach.

What’s more, it has on-site lifeguards and shark nets in the waters, meaning safe swimming for all is easily ensured.

Salt Rock Main Beach

Salt Rock Beach is the main beach of the little town of the same name, which is perched along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. It is idyllic for its palm trees, white sand, and warm turquoise waters. And, thanks to its being protected by shark nets in the water and lifeguards on the beach, it is a fantastic choice for families and those that want to cool off in the temperate waters of the Dolphin Coast.

Willard Beach

One of Ballito’s biggest attractions, Willard Beach is a wonderful beach with lifeguards.

Set against a tourist and holiday accommodation backdrop, this long sandy beach is one of KZN’s finest beaches.

The water is warm, the surf is good and there’s a variety of restaurants and outdoor activities to enjoy here, including: scuba diving, seafood eateries and microlight flips.

Salmon Bay Beach

This popular beach, just south of Ballito, happens to be a surfer’s paradise.

It is also the designated launch site for Ballito’s cool Inflatable Boat Clubhouse.

Aside from this, the beach offers ample parking at its southern end, and a great golden stretch of beach to bask on too.

Sheffield Beach

Sheffield Beach is a relatively small beach on the Dolphin Coast in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is conveniently situated about 15 to 20 minutes from Ballito. Despite being smaller than many of its neighbouring beaches along the east coast,

Sheffield Beach certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of appeal. 

This beach is especially popular for spear fishing, thanks to the many exciting fish species that can be found in these temperate waters. As a result, it is also great for SCUBA diving. What’s more, these are Indian Ocean waters, which means that they are warmer and more inviting than the chilly waters of the Atlantic.