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Welcome Guide


Ralph's Place

8 Ralphs Place, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast, South Africa

Check-in only from 14:00

Check-out before or at 10:00


8 Ralphs Place



House Staff:

Housekeeper's name is Palesa

Contact nr: +27 84 260 1526


Steyn +27 73 762 4402

Important Info

Important Numbers:

Snake Catcher - Neville: +27 82 561 4969

Snake Catcher - Samantha: +27 72 316 8178

IPSS Emergency: 082 3911 911

Fire Brigade: 032 946 2711

Netcare: 032 946 6700

Netcare Ambulance: 082 911

Umhlali Police: 032 947 9900


Included in your rental Monday to Friday, 8 am - 2 pm.​

For more info on our housekeeping services and laundry, please follow this link to our Housekeeper's page for duties and responsibilities.

Please Note: there will be scheduled visits from contracted pool service and gardeners. These visits are essential to ensure that the amenities and outdoor spaces are in top condition for your enjoyment. The pool service and gardeners will have limited access to the yard area during specific times.

Back-up Power - Loadshedding

We have 90% backup via solar panels. 

Most of the house will continue working during load shedding – TV’s,Wifi, lights and music. The more you have on, the less time your back up will last. If you are conservative, you can get up to 7 hours (wifi, lights, music, Tv don’t use a lot of power).  

The oven is not connected, but the stove top is gas, and will work ignited with a match.

There is a rechargeable light in each bedroom, and a gas hob for heating up water for coffee.

When all else fails, have a braai or pack a gin cooler box and head to the beach.

Windows and sliding doors 

The weather at the coast changes in 5 minutes and we have had some fierce monsoons and high winds.  Please make sure that your doors and windows are closed when you leave your room.  

Borehole water

We have our own water, which does have a slight saline taste but is filtered before reaching the house - its okay to drink if you like.  There is also a reverse osmosis tap near the prep basin in the kitchen for drinking.


When gate rings, it will dial to Palesa’s cell phone and she will open it from her phone. Or you can use the remote in the crystal bowl near the sliding doors.


When going to bed, use the remote to activate the outside beams – RED to activate, and GREEN deactivate in the morning.  There is an electric fence as well but no armed response. 



We use home automation only downstairs and it is located on the iPad on the wall near the entrance to the patio. 

Open it, swipe and click onto the green app “Solent HD”. 

Go to SCENES, tap which one you want, MORNING, EVENING, PARTY or DINNER, etc.  

Each one is set for moods; some are darker or lighter than others. 

When you want to go to bed, tap the screen again; choose MASTER OFF top right corner, and it will power down, switching everything off slowly, and allowing you to go upstairs.

Electric fence 

The control box is on the left hand side of the pedestrian garage door.  Should the electric fence alarm go off, the code is 1234# to turn it off.   Steyn will reset it. 

Front door

Please make sure that it is secured at all times with the boulder. 

Please lock the door if it is windy, as it doesn’t always stay closed on its own.

Back door key

There are two copies and two gate remotes.  The front door only locks from the inside.


Please recycle all your tins, glass, paper and plastic.  There are labeled bins in the scullery.

And all kitchen organic waste can go into the organic bin in the kitchen near the drinking tap. 


LG remote turns TV on, and navigates to Netflix.  Log in your details.

The DSTV remote is self-explanatory. Steyn can also help you if you are struggling. 


There is a separate “boom box” for music - on Bluetooth (HK GO + PLAY). 

Patio folding doors 

These panels open up from 4 corners and click back onto each other.  When they are open, there are wooden wedges in the bar drawer to keep them from blowing closed.  

Please do not leave the house or go to bed with them open – they must be closed when you are not here, the weather can change in minutes.

Outside cushions

Please make sure these are inside when it rains. 

Non-stick pans 

Please do not use metal utensils on any of the non-stick pans.  There are spatulas and wooden utensils for these pans in the drawers. 

Also please do not put COLD water into a hot Le Creuset frying pans when they are just off the gas – they need to cool naturally and then they can be wiped.

Spice cupboard

Help yourself to whatever you need.  If you finish anything, please can you replace it?


If you break anything, crockery or anything else – please let the staff know so that I can replace it. 

Games Room 

Instructions for all the remotes (TV, DSTV), is stuck onto the table for ease of reference.

To access the pool balls, pull the RHS drawer of the pool table to access the balls – this is an old R1 coin table.

Beach stuff 

There are picnic glasses, containers, cooler boxes, umbrellas, chairs, etc for beach days.  Palesa will help you with these items. There are also cooler boxes in the garage.


Braai utensils and stuff kept in bar, cupboard under the counter.  Braai oven ready dishes in the drawer near the large coffee machine.

The Green Egg 

This is a ceramic “Weber” which works on the same premise with charcoal.  Please be careful moving it around as it is extremely heavy and it could crack tiles or the wooden decks. 

It takes 24 hours to cool down, so please do not put the cover back on until it is cold.


Salt Rock is a “no firework zone” – please respect this rule.  We have a lot of wildlife/birds in our area, as well as domestic animals which we do not want to traumatise.

House Rules

Understanding and complying with our house rules will make for a comfortable and fun stay for everybody. Please treat our home with the same respect as you would your own home. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this a lovely space to be enjoyed by our guests.


The staff are key to a successful holiday and the efficient running of your holiday home, please treat them with the utmost respect at all times. We will not tolerate our staff being treated badly.​

Regretfully our staff are unable to babysit, wash cars, do shopping/unpack shopping or anything besides their designated duties.


The maximum number of persons occupying the unit at all times must not exceed the number of beds. A maximum of two guests per bedroom will be allowed unless the homeowner has provided extra beds.

Camping on the property are NOT permitted.


Under any circumstances whatsoever do not feed the monkeys - mother or babies! 

Please be aware of the monkeys they are inquisitive and can get very aggresive.

Don’t leave fruit out within sight of the monkeys – they will come in, make a mess, panic and  break things. 

Close all windows and doors when leaving the house.



No smoking is allowed in the house. Please smoke outside away from windows or furniture.



No parties, overcrowding or excessive noise is permitted. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent.

Guests will be liable for all damages accured by parties at our rental home.


Please do not use bathroom towels on the beach, beach towels are available.


Wash the sand off before entering the house or pool after the beach visit. 

Please do not wash your beach sand off in the pool.


Accidents happen, so please report any breakages or damage to our team. If anything is broken, this should be replaced ‘like for like’ by the Guest to ensure a full refund of the breakage deposit.


Use linen and towels sparingly. 

Please save water, and electricity and turn off fans and Aircon when not using the area.  

Please try and recycle where possible, let's look after our planet together.

Please do not flush any foreign matters down the toilet.

Before you Go...


Check-out is at or before 10 am. 

Please comminicate your check out time with our team or the house staff the day prior to departure.


Please make sure you leave any keys & remotes with the staff,

or communicate with us where you left the keys.


Please switch off all lights, and airconditioning, and close all windows. 


Please remember to settle any money owing to the staff (overtime, additional laundry, tips etc.)

must be paid directly to each staff member in (ZAR) cash.

Should you fail to pay in full, this will be deducted from your holding/breakage deposit.


Please remember to complete the departure form. 

Your feedback matters to us.

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