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TERMS & CONDITIONS :: Pets on Holiday

During your stay, you have access to one of our properties and use of all contents. As you can imagine, as well as the investment in the properties themselves, there are a lot of costs involved in setting up the properties and maintaining them in good condition. Most of the time our guests treat our properties wonderfully well and we so appreciate it!  However, sometimes things go wrong. This document is strongly worded to cover us in the event of problems. Fortunately, such problems are a very rare occurrence. 


What To Know Before You Bring your Pet on Holiday 

With most Homes located in the coastal area, many of which benefit from their own private gardens or patios, we have the perfect locations for you and your canine companions to take al fresco meals, have a run out by the beach, or enjoy a bit of sunbathing.  



An agreed amount for the deposit will be charged for bringing your pet on holiday, this will include registered guide and hearing dogs belonging to those with visual and hearing impairments.  

Damages, professional laundry, and additional cleaning services will be deducted should be needed. 


Canine Code of Conduct 

In our experience, it’s rare to find luxury accommodation that accepts dogs, but we believe the two needn’t be mutually exclusive! Your well-behaved pets are welcome inside but please do not let them onto any furniture. 

For your pet’s safety and the consideration of other guests, we do ask that dogs and their owners follow a few simple rules while they are staying: 


  • Dogs must always be properly controlled and supervised. Not all outside areas of the homes are completely escape-proof for dogs.

  • Dogs must not be left unattended in the holiday properties. 

  • Dogs are not permitted on any furniture. We, therefore, advise owners to bring a dog basket.  

  • Guests are required to remove ALL TRACES of an animal being present at the property, inside and outside. This includes (but is not restricted to) any fur/hair (except on floors), food, stains, smells or faeces, or extra professional cleaning costs may be charged. 

  • Any damage caused by the animal must be repaired or reported to us (and will be charged back to you). This includes damage to screens, paintwork, carpets, furniture,  gardens, doors, etc.  

  • The additional time that is spent cleaning up after animals will be charged to you. 

  • Guests/Staff will not be allowed to wash any dog blankets/pillows etc. in the washing machine. 


Dog Sitting Service 

Our staff is unable to do pet sitting whatsoever. 


We are happy to recommend a few local dog walking and sitting services. So, if you are popping out for the evening and require a dog sitter, or are out for the day and need your dog walking, then a fully-trained member of the team should be able to assist you.  

Wags and Whiskers 082 377 4723 

Every Creature Pet Sitting 073 352 2836 

Furr Care Au Pair 061 747 1093 

Lizzy Services 060 878 8024 

Pet & Baby Sitting 060 991 0081 

We thank you for choosing to stay in one of our holiday rental properties. We hope you have a wonderful stay. 

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