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Welcome Guide


Colwyn House

16 Colwyn Drive, Sheffield Beach, Dolphin Coast, South Africa

Check-in only from 14:00

Check-out before or at 10:00

Wi-Fi:There are 3 routers in the house: 

HOME: Password is 0795177353TP

LINK: Password is 73187196TP | LINK B4F8: Password 73118183

LIVE-OUT House Staff:

Housekeeper's name is Constance +27 654 5675

Assistant Housekeeper: Cindy +27 867 4478

Important Info


Our address is 16 Colwyn Drive. We use our driveway off Summit Road. Our driveway can be quite hard to find. We are 10b Summit Road in Sheffield Beach. When you come up Summit Road there is a little dirt track on your right just before no. 10 Summit Road. There is a lamp post with signage for 10a, 10b and 10c. Take the dirt track and come all the way to the bottom. We are the last house at the end of the white wall on your right-hand side.


LCE Maintenance: 076 475 0564

IPSS Emergency: 082 3911 911

Fire Brigade: 032 946 2711

Netcare: 032 946 6700

Netcare Ambulance: 082 911

The Well (Doctors): 032 946 1311

Homoeopath: 032 586 3403

Umhlali Police: 032 947 9900


Included in your rental Monday to Friday, 8 am - 2 pm.​

For more info on our housekeeping services and laundry, please follow this link to our Housekeeper's page for duties and responsibilities.


The Gardener Mzwa will service the pool twice a week to backwash and chlorine. He will use the bottom gate to access it. 

Private pool with a secure fence around the pool. Please ensure all umbrellas are down during heavy wind & at night. Please bring all outside cushions in when raining.


In the event of Loadshedding or power failure, the inverter system will need to be switched on manually at the DB board in the kitchen (this is situated in the cupboard to the LHS of the oven). Please fully push down the main switch to DB, and reverse this action when the lights/power are restored. This will power lights, Internet and TV for up to 4 hours. 

The inverter system is located in the cupboard by the wine cellar. After 4 hours or when the inverter batter is running low, you will hear a beeping sound before it switches off completely. 


One DB Board is located in the garage and the 2nd one is in the kitchen cupboard.


IPSS 086 1324 777 

A wall & 6-strand electric fence surrounds the property and is armed by IPSS. Any breach in security will register the alarm directly to IPSS who will do a perimeter check and enter the property if necessary.


The red button is a panic button.

Blue opens the gate, green arms all internal beams (use when you go out)

Yellow opens the left garage door

Purple opens the right garage door.

When you go to bed at night hold down 5 on the key panel, this will set all outside beams and allow you to walk around the inside of the house in all areas. In the morning you press 1907 to deactivate.

Safe word is ‘BLUE’


The easiest way to the beach is down the thoroughfare & onto Colwyn Drive. Turn left onto Colwyn Drive & walk for approx. 5 mins.

The blue button on the remote to use for the bottom gate on Colwyn Drive for access to the beach.




Secure driveway parking available.

House Rules

Understanding and complying with our house rules will make for a comfortable and fun stay for everybody. Please treat our home with the same respect as you would your own home. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this a lovely space to be enjoyed by our guests.


The staff are key to a successful holiday and the efficient running of your holiday home, please treat them with the utmost respect at all times. We will not tolerate our staff being treated badly.​

Regretfully our staff are unable to babysit, wash cars, do shopping/unpack shopping or anything besides their designated duties.


The maximum number of persons occupying the unit at all times must not exceed the number of beds. A maximum of two guests per bedroom will be allowed unless the homeowner has provided extra beds.

Camping on the property are NOT permitted.


Under any circumstances whatsoever do not feed the monkeys - mother or babies! 

Please be aware of the monkeys they are inquisitive and can get very aggresive.

Don’t leave fruit out within sight of the monkeys – they will come in, make a mess, panic and  break things. 

Close all windows and doors when leaving the house.



No smoking is allowed in the house. Please smoke outside away from windows or furniture.



No parties, overcrowding or excessive noise is permitted. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent.

Guests will be liable for all damages accured by parties at our rental home.


Please do not use bathroom towels on the beach, beach towels are available.


Wash the sand off before entering the house or pool after the beach visit. 

Please do not wash your beach sand off in the pool.


Accidents happen, so please report any breakages or damage to our team. If anything is broken, this should be replaced ‘like for like’ by the Guest to ensure a full refund of the breakage deposit.


Use linen and towels sparingly. 

Please save water, and electricity and turn off fans and Aircon when not using the area.  

Please try and recycle where possible, let's look after our planet together.

Please do not flush any foreign matters down the toilet.

Before you Go...

Check-out is at or before 10 am. 

Please comminicate your check out time with our team or the house staff the day prior to departure.

Please make sure you leave any keys & remotes with the staff,

or communicate with us where you left the keys.

Leaving early?

Please switch off all lights, and airconditioning, and close all windows. 

Please remember to settle any money owing to the staff

for additional shifts or laundry the day before departure.

Please remember to complete the departure form. 

Your feedback matters to us.

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