We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy during these extraordinary times that we are living in. LCE's goal has always been to offer our guests a collection of homes that offer luxury, privacy and a 5 star service. Now we need to offer you more........We realise that when we all come out of the Lockdown we will be price conscious, more aware of our health & hygiene standards and anxious about whether we will be placed back into Lockdown or not. 

Our Collection until 1st December 2020 will be as follows:

1. Only second homes, so essentially our beach houses will be offered. No private homes that have families living in them.

2. Only homes with live-in staff will be added to the collection. The houses will be completely sanitized ahead of guests arrival. Housekeepers will wear masks and be provided with extra disinfectant/sanitizing products.

3. All these homes will go onto a low season rate until 1st December 2020.

4. If Guests cannot travel due to Covid-19 travel restrictions then they can change their booking dates twice without any penalties.

5. We offer a sanitised food shop delivered to your house ahead of check-in. We can arrange a private chef to cater for a dinner party if restaurants are off limits/you would rather avoid them.

For all enquiries and a list of our properties available please contact Madelaine on bookings@luxurycoastalescapes who will be delighted to assist you 

Please note: Only Leisure bookings are accepted in our KZN homes for KZN guests. If you are from outside KZN then we do require a business travel permitto be produced upon any booking with dates of booking coinciding with your travel permit.